Kibera Got Talent-Kibera Kuna Talent (KKT)

Get to hear the word Kibera then the first thing that comes in your mind is Octopizzo but today we get to give you the untold stories from Kibera also known as namba nane a name generated from it matatu route operations.
From our research it is clearly known that Octopizzo is just but a fraction of (the largest slum in East africa that contains almost three quater 3/4 of the Luo tribe),Kibera music showbiz since even before his eruption we had the likes of Kayvo K-Force ruling the scenes but they never got to be known because they chose to be underground rappers.
But of late their are some big names getting to take over the scenes with very influential music and when i got to meet Bthreez Threebz,a music family consisting of 5 boys and one girl i got to realize Kibera has got talents that need to be nurtured.The group that has so far recorded three singles that are getting good response from the public are realy determined to go far and lately they started a project Kibera Street Talent Search  

,Yong Sharo
"Am The Founder Of #BTHREEZ_THREEBZ crew and also we do host our own show called kibera street talent search hood to hood"

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