The Warlord from Magwagwa Unit

He is arguably Kisumu's most tight and influential rapper with his tight lyrical prowess that has seen him get to work with big names in the musci industry like Ojiji and Labalaa of Ukoo Flani Maumau.
The young rapper from Kisumu,Kenya had at one time have a beef with Rabbit 'Kaka Sungura' of Kaka Empire and even recorded a diss track for him piss kwa throne after he was realy furious with Kaka Sungura's comment during a show they were in and Rabbit was heard saying

"Mimi nawahurumia hawa wasanii wa Kisumu ju hawana ideas za mziki kama sio kupiga pang'ang'a"
The Hip hop star also known as the rap chaplain is quoted in his diss track to Rabbit saying,"mentor wako mbwa eight years hajajulikana/ma tops za avocado si ungeitisha labda picana....punchlines zako ni outdated ka jana"
We hope to hear from Rabbit soon on this since theWarlord states that,"sijui kama utareply hii track coz hii si diss track,nimekuja kukuambia vile naeza ku distract"
Get more updates from the warlord here
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