One hit wonders in Kenya

Since years there have been artistes from Kenya who emerge to the limelight once then get lost at a faster rate than expected and below are just but examples of our very own artists who managed to be at the top at one time but now they are no more.

Alphayo Miguel
The rapper who came out with the hit single pretty girl went down so soon after people were realy eager to hear from him again and again...our sources reveal to us that he is working on a comeback plan with his crew Katenga Entertainment and we hope they come out soonest

Known as baba yao wa kisumu got the 3rd largest city in Kenya singing to his tune tuition teacher making him to be a household name but this did not take long until he went down to stay in Nairobi where he did a sigle with Rapdamu called Okadaman which also received massive airplay but since then everyone is waiting for another big tune from Nebulazz also known as Kisumu Dream.

Our question to Nebulazz is, Did you quit music?
Shantelle nimetokelezea...if you could hear this tune back then you would be getting ready to dance to this big tune by Abbas and Shantelle.
This diva was a household name after his hit song that was used as slang Tokelezea that he got to feature Kenya's greatest Hip hop sensation Abbas Kubbaf but what did she do next after that,nothing.
Our sources reveal to us that the rap diva is now abroad and when asked about music she says she is still a musician and thats all but our question still remains,"was it for the fame or it is a passion"
To you Shantelle.

Now the big question is, do these stars get to do it for the love to it or because they need fame and money
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