Big Up #TeamDahiphop:Gabiro and Octopizzo Dahiphop

Its the 4th of April,2014 and things have changed abruptly in the Nairobi charts as the Godfather of Genge is pulled off his rank by one tight rapper Octopizzo Dahiphop of the ivo ivo ivo fame.
 At the same time Gabiro Dahiphop  still gets to rock the Kisumu charts at position #1 and from our research is that this young guy is soon gonna be the next big thing since many people from the lakeside have started making him a household name.
Still in Kisumu Charts where we get to have some new kids on the block getting to get positions in the top ten and we say big up to 411SOCIETY,JUNIOR B,MUSH DEE,TRAPKID,NAPHON B and RAFODY BRANDY for having secured there slots in top ten this weekend and keep it up next time for more.

This week we find it interesting that the Hip hop Kings from the two big Kenyan Cities(Nairobi and Kisumu) also known as Dahiphop(Gabiro and Octopizzo) get to rock the charts and here we form a team; #teamdahiphop.
All in all we still wont forget the legends who get to skip from one number to the other but still remain in top ten and here we have another #teamdahiphop consisting of Avril,Mista Vina,Dj Sadic,Ngiri40 and Cliif The Poet.
Big up everyone and continue working hard to be in our Monday Publication of The Charts where your genre will represent your team.
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