Niite MC Proto:Jericho is my Hood

The very first approach that we have just shows me that he is a typical rapper with lots of visions and missions in the rap game.
We shared a lot with this youg rapper from Jericho,Nairobi and this is none other than MC PROTO the King of Colabo from the look of things
Amazing Kenya; Hi am Ivy Veronica from Amazing Kenya News.
MC Proto: Am good and nice to have a word with you Ivy
AKN:Could you please tell me your real name and also your stage name and why you chose to use that stage name or even how it came to be your stage name
MC: Am Martin Rooney Misango and my stage name is Mc Proto aka JohnDoe;short for Protoje. Got nicknamed by streets, after Protoje sounded so western and dancehall like unlike to what i do.
AKN: So what is it that you do that made you choose that name MC PROTO
MC:Am a rapper,started with poetry back in high school (Ofafa Jericho) until last year April when I took a challenge on a freestyle from my pals...hence the urge to do music and record music with the mind to show people from Jericho that we got positive talent other than thugs and drugs.
AKN: Great minds I say.So how many songs do you have so far and who are the producers you have got to work with?
MC: Most of my tracks are collabos and thats like 10 songs featuring  the likes of Cafu, Maneno Kamadokta, Illicit, MC Mutant, MC Spook, Scratcher Kings, Mista Vina, Wambo Wambo and Gnetta.Producers have worked with are Adel of Higherlinkxx, Samora GKV of Chuo Recoerds and James Elshadow of 32empire but now am turning to solo projects and i have already recorded one due to release soon after working out some dymamics.
AKN: So you have so far been the king of colabo from jericho!?
MC:Not realy but  lets call it working with different talent in the music industry and learning new tricks.
AKN: Sounds nice. Who are your favourite artist(s) from kenya and abroad?
MC: Abroad i look up to the likes of late big L, Nas, Common, Mc Lyte and Rakim...back home Kitu sewer,Johnny Vigeti, Kamaa, Mc kaa, Labalaa, Samantha M-ill and Mc Gkv tende to get me nodding to their relevance
AKN: And apart from them,which other artists would you like to work with in the near future?
MC: Chege and Niki Mbishi from Tanzania,
AKN: What would be your final word to the other artists
MC: Its not all about writting rhymEs, recordinG, sitting and waiting for your work to move itself, there is much hard work involved with music, its a multi million industry.Let it pay for your effort and let fame not be an hinderance to ur work.
" usiwe short lived kama wings za kumbikumbi, si lazima kiuno wakate ama ukiwika waruke make jina kwa ukumbi"

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