I Have No Beef With Kaka Sungura;Warlord

Meeting someone who disses you today and still becomes your best friend is rare to find as in the case of thr rap chaplain who was born as Fred Obadha and Kisumu is the place he calls home. "im a hiphop and spoken word artist....my alias name is WARLORD MAGWAGWA aka RAP CHAPLAIN.
The name sounding great forced us to have our conversation with this rapper from the lakeside.

AKN: Why the name Warlord or rather the Rap Chaplain?
WARLORD: Warlord was a name I was given on the streets after long months of chaos both in and off school,hence i was a leader.But i took the name to preach,teach,mentor and encourage young artists for peaceful co-existence.It also means respect.RAP CHAPLAIN, i got it after finishing school of theology and i became positive and revolutionary in my rap career;getting passionate about God,doing justice on a track and telling the truth about what people are going through yet it still had significance on leadership.
AKN:OMG!So you a chaplain by profession?
WARLORD:(Laughing) No but Hip Hop wise I am.
AKN:Now the question here is very clear.How comes you are a rap chaplain yet some days back i heard one of your tracks "piss kwa throne" that portrayed a lot of hate towards kaka sungura yet chaplains preach love.How can you explain that?
WARLORD:I want to make this clear that  me and Rabbit are friends.Hiphop is a form of expressing oneself;what you feel,what you think and what you imagine.I remember I wrote "piss kwa throne" way back in 2010 and its true that Kaka Sungura  said we are whack out here but we got more potentials and "piss kwa throne" had over 100 bars including NOKIA DONT BREAK THE BEAT :How we went through a lot but am now happy that Kaka came to hippo point juzi and we proved him wrong and it is to the benefit of Kisumu Artists.
AKN:Sounds great but still our sources show us that you are having some problems with X PAT MKWANJA.Howcan you defend this?
WARLORD:Ok, with X-PAT i have sampled 2 of his tracks and i don't have any issue with him but to me he is a disgrace,a non starter and persona non Grata.He claims to be the best but i have never seen him among the rest and like i said before,"he is selfish and a debacle,a dud....u can also Google that."
AKN:Those words just make me to go back to my dictionary.Would you please tell us any plans on your music career so far
WARLORD:ok...I am planning a series of cyphers 'KISUMU DOPENESS INFINITY CYPHERS' with different kisumu hip hop artist,A hottest album in 254 i.e WARLORD X-RAY,LAFAM AND LOGICAL TRUTH...My DOXOLOGY mix tape is still on the streets and we working on a track with one of the Best Hip hop artist in Kenya i wont say who.....  
AKN: Last word to the world and other artists who want to be like you.

if u got the talent,put it in practice because our future depends on the right belief about ourselves....
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