New Jams in 254....Great Talents Coming Up

It has been a long time since we had an article due to some small issue that are already solved and we plan to be online throughout now as we apologize for any inconviniencies made.
This week we start off with the latest tracks from 254 and we look at a few songs that have been released in the last two months and we sample some of them to be if not best then better and below is a list of the songs plus links for downloading them

1.Mwaka Huu(Kwenye Mitambo)-Clintoz Mfalme Wa Wadogo ( Download it here )
2.Story-Gabiro Dahiphop ( Download it here )
3.Vuvuzela- Nebulaz (Download it here )
4.All i need- Mista Vina feat. Betci (Download it here )
5.Jontez Jibu-Uwongo (Download it here )
6.Octopizzo-Halla ( Download it here )
7.Bahati- Barua ( Download it here )
8.H_art the band-Uliza Kiatu ( Download it here )
9.DK Kwenye Beat -Kereka ( Download it here )
10.Logical Truth-Sense ( Download it here )
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