I am Stephen Odhiambo, and my stage name is Stomody. I begun music back in primary school where I was a strong member of a percussion music band. I used to sing along other artists' lyrics up until I joined high school at St. Mary's School Yala in 2004 where i met others, and among them was Kenrazy.

I perfected my skill then since I met competition and loved what I did. After highschool, I set out to follow my dream though I was faced with financial constraints as my parents could not allow me do music and they were not of the idea. In fact, they discouraged me a lot. Despite all that friction, I decided to indulge myself in odd jobs to raise  my studio fee, as I underwent my college education. After a long struggle, I had collected enough money to enable me record my first single 'MANZI KWA BAR' at PACHO ENTERTAINMENT under producer Rapdamu. Being new to the industry, the song never did well since I had not learned the tactics of promoting my music. As a young and ambitious rapper, my thirst to excel in music was very strong, hence I decided to get myself in doing collaborations so as to meet my studio fees. I did several songs with other rappers such as: MARRIAGE BAADAYE, PENZI LA KWELI, PARTY SONG, MADE IT, PENZI LA UMA, KANYAGIA STORY and SUCCESS.My latest single is 'kila kitu pesa' which I recorded at CMG PRODUCTIONS.
 With all those songs done, I met a Journalist who resides in New York who is also an artistes manager. She got to hear my story and after proving thet I had something to offer, she connected me to an American rapper by the name Ice Black with whom we did a collaboration last month alongside a Kenyan rapper by the name Izzoh Thousanium.  We did a song 'THUMBS UP' which is currently receiving airplay in New York at Radio G Network.The song was launched in Kenya on 31st May at CLUB HIDDEN AGENDA in Sarit Centre. Currently am organizing a cd party to be held at the SARAKASI DOME on 1st of August 2014. I believe am the next big thing in the Kenyan music industry
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