We AreNot Working On Someting Yet; Gabiro Mtu Necessary and Hycink Mtu Very

You ask of any stage crackers in the lakeside city of Kisumu then obviously expect to hear a mtu necessary-very connection and we talking of none other than Hycink And Gabiro who for the past three months have been doing wonders on every stage they get to step on.
The two young artists whose name sound familiar are now a threat to other artists in the entertainment industry and are now going up to a higher notch than people expected.
I saw them once walking together and i thought they were blood brothers since they both are having similara appearances.
The two have both been nominated in the ongoing TECNO VYBEZ AWARDS that is taking place in the Western Kenya Region that is harbouring more than 200 artists across that region
Gabiro has been nominated in three categories with his new song called story that is now receiving massive airplay across the country being nominated as the best social awareness song of the year and to vote for Gabiro Mtu Necessary send the codes below(each in its own ) to 21997
This young rapper who at one time got to flood every media house with amazing news has been nominated as the BEST NEW ARTIST OF THE YEAR,BEST HIPHOP ARTIST OF THE YEAR and his new song story nominated as the best social awareness song of the year
 For Hycink Mtu Very,he has been in the game for a longer time than Gabiro and i cant deny that he is very tight in each verse he does and this is seen in his new song mic check that saw him got nominated as the BEST HIPHOP ARTIST OF THE YEAR in the ongoing TECNO VYBEZ AWARDS and to vote for him send the word VYBEZ BHA6 to 21997 as many times as possibleso as to make Mtu Very get this title of best hiphop artist.

Many people are wondering why the two have never done asong together yet they sound just like a new YGB in the house when they get to grab the mic and so our question to the two is;when shoull we expect something from you two?
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