Kisumu Getting Trendy This Weekend

Its another year another week with lots of events coming up and about and specifically we are on a very unique event of its kind in Kisumu City that is taking place this weekend.
Now you know what am talking about guy;its Kisumu Fashion Week 2014 and this time its bigger and better as fashion gets its own path and direction in the lakeside city of Kisumu.
The red carpet event that is going to take place at the AghaKhan Hall,Kisumu by the poolside is said to be one of the best planned events so far and everybody has got an eye on it more than any event.
You only need to get your tickets at 500 bob for the regular and 1000bob for the VIP and dont forget its a fashion week so you have to dress to kill and look classy since there are lots of cameras in every corner ready to flash out your outfit.

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