The Young Unsung Lyricist ;Jontez Jibbu

Being a young lyricist and rapper who's undertaking his Bachelor's
Degree in the University, Jontez Jibu finds himself among the dope
rappers around. Mostly known for his catchy jam by the name "SHINE", a
track that has recently been dominating the airwaves in the media,
Jontez Jibu can confirm to his real fans that they should keep calm
and wait for the Hot Water still in the kitchen at the moment. His
lyrical prowess, catchy rhyming word-plays and strong punchlines
extremely tell what the tranquil rapper is about to do in the Hip Hop
Industry come a few months. He has been on peoples radar on various
occasions and has enjoyed a massive number of performances in the
period so far. A few months ago, during which he was held an interview
on the top leading Hip Hop Radio Station in KE, Jontez Jibu made it
clear that more was coming from him; and when such a question was
posed to him, a positive reply was made from him stating that "Mafans
Watulie, Ngoma mpya inakam na ni Moto, Infact ni "SHINE" Mara Tatu!"
As we asked him what it was all about or the production label, He went
nut. Maybe we should keep our eyes wide open and wait. On issues
concerning a collabo with any rapper in the future, the calm rapper
stated that He's on the verge of making more collaborations including
a femcee but did not mention exactly who she was. Things have changed
up in the Kenyan music industry and it seems music is reaching it's
eruption stage as we see new artistes popping up and showing exactly
what they are capable of. Fans  can download Jontez Jibu Music On the
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