Lyrical Giants in Kisumu City

 For the past two years it has been a good flow for the entertainment industry in the lakeside city of Kenya following the rise of many more lyrical genius from the youngest to the oldest getting to give each other the run for the cash.
I may be seen as always being bias by only writing stories about celebrities form the lakeside but its just that i always find these guys very interesting and amazing than they were before as many of the Amazing Kenya News fans would say.
We managed to take a look at some of the few rappers at the lakeside that are now making it big in the industry and here is what we had for you;

This one act of a rapper and spoken word artist managed to diss Rabbit Kaka Sungura two times and got the attention from his audience something that is always very rare for most diss tracks. Warlord who is one of the founders of Kisumu Hip hop alive concert;an event that takes place every last Saturday of the month has now done yet another diss song that is believed to be replying Kaka Sungura's song "kichinjio" and he is getting so much attention from the media with this. 
Even before the likes of Walimwengu started representing Kisumu Felly Fel was already doing a splendid job at it. In almost all his records, he always sends a shout out to Kisumu. All this he managed while still on the underground. Felly Fel mostly raps in Sheng and is actually one of the few Hip Hop artists in the region to effectively adopt the Shengslang. In one of his conscious songs ‘Dear Mr.Governor’, he says: Dear Mr.Governor protect us mister please govern us...and this he does in English,Swahili and a bit of sheng
 Gabiro Mtu Necessary
 For the short time this young rapper has been in the game it is now undisputable that he is now moving to the top without being stopped and this is evident after he managed to win an award for the best social awareness song for his hit song 'story" at the Tecno Vybez Awards 2014 and also proving to people that the award was not just the end of the road,he went ahead to release yet other dope tracks that has seen him be at the limelight up to now.

Having got to emerge as the best female artist of the year at the Tecno Vybez Awards 2014,this femcee proved her haters wrong after she managed to get yet another nomination at the Nyota Awards 2914 with her song which she features one of Kisumu's finest vocalist Nahna. She is one kind of a rapper that never slips on a beat and this is eveident in her lyrical flow in most of her songs. With the gangster look you are not ready to give a joke with Needah at all since music time is business time.

Hycink Mtu Very
Known as mtu very or "yule boy humada beat" recently emerged as the winner of the Bangaiza one mic talent search in Nairobi after he lost it in Kisumu city and he is now set to do a track with Grandpa Records very soon.He is one of the pioneers of Genge Music in Kisumu but for the last two years he has slightly shifted his style of music to ghipuka due to changes in the music industry. Some weeks ago one of Kenya's finest rapper was heard saying that Kisumu city should watch out for Hycink and Gabiro and so we are all eyes on this guy for more and more good music.

Nahna is a very common name in Kisumu probably due to her style of music that incorporates Afro Fusion, Zouq, Bongo, Dancehall, Reggae and R n B music which she does in her own way making her look real.
Her go-getter attitude has seen her perform with some of the already established names in the industry including Jaguar, Jua Cali, Redsan, Wahu, Size 8 and Avril among others during the Safaricom Live in Kisumu and also many events across the country.She became the first female artiste to represent Western and Nyanza region during the Niko na Safaricom Live Concert, Kisumu edition.
She is an award winning artist and also got nominated this year at the Tecno Vybez Awards as the best female artist of the year and best song colaboration of the year.
There are more and more artists from the lakeside city of Kisumu but we only managed to filter out these five artists above and we are keeping our eyes on them for more and more music
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