Inmate Does A Song For The Nationwide Anti-Crime Campaign....(See Details)

In the past it has been believed that prisoners are those people who deserve to be cut off from our society and some also regard them as outcasts because of the crimes they do the innocent society.

Behind the bars of Kamiti Maximum Prison lives one inmate who ha scome out to prove this wrong by doing a song to be used nationwide as an anthem for the country's anti-crime campaign that is now going on in the whole country following a number of insecurity issues in our country.

Daniella, also known as the Messenger has come out boldly to do a song "Crime Si Poa" while behind bars at Kamiti Maximum Prison. The song whose video has been shot inside the prison enclosure has clearly brought out how the world should partake and view the inmates and also to those other citizens out there,this song is requesting them to stay away from crime since crime does not pay.

The video also has a special guest artist "Collo" also known as Kenyan King of Rap who ios seen to be having a good time with the inmates.This shows the kind of love our Kenyan artistes have for the other members of the society who are normaly secluded.
 Check the video out here DANIELA -CRIME SI POA
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