Another Reason Why Obama Should Visit K'Ogello....( See Details)

By Ivy Veronica

WhenObama visited Kenyain 2006, this time as a US senator, he was received like a rock star. His condemnation of human rights abuses and corruption in Africa was widely applauded.
 When he was elected as the first black US president in 2008, a wave of “Obamamania” again swept the continent. He visited Egypt and Ghana in 2009 to call for democratization in Africa and the Middle East, noting that Washington would support “strong institutions and not strongmen”. But by the time Obama visited South Africa, Senegal and Tanzania in 2013, the dream had worn off, and the unrealistic expectation that the US president would transform American policy towards Africa had not even come close to being fulfilled.

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 He traces his roots to the lakeside town of Siaya, K'Ogello where his father comes from and this time he will be having every reason to visit this place after some of the best artists from Kisumu decided to release a new music video that is creating a lot of curiosity after the behind the scene photos did rounds on the social media.
 After consultation from one of  the artists about the pics here is what he said,

      " Hizo picha ni za behind the scenes na zingine ni snapshot za video during the editing 
        process...Video inafaa kuwa released this month and i ain't gonna disclose the artists
        featured in the video but guys should know that we have heavyweights in this song, 
                                                                                                                               Gabiro "

I am really waiting to watch this video after i saw the pictures and i think i will have to keep track of all their updates so as not to miss any post from them .
 Back to Obama's visit to Kenya,it is said that their will be network failure in most parts of the country during the big guy's visit and so till then should we get to communicate again.

Get to see the behind the scene photos below

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