Why "Mwaka Huu" was never an accidental Child in the Hiphop Family..

                written by Ivy Veronica

It has been a struggle for power in the music industry family since the day “mwaka huu” was given birth to by Jaguar. No one has ever since been able to do a song that be at this song from the top charts until recently.
But it has been different with the hiphop scene as the competition is very stiff on this other side.

New singles are released each and every time, not only singles but hit singles that make hiphop heads have a wide variety of music to listen to.
 I guess this is not going to stop any sooner because our hiphop artists are already crossing to the other side of the borders to Uganda and Tanzania after Kisumu’s hiphop star Gabiro Dahiphop did a new hit with Uganda’s finest Don Poison of Starbell Records.

Rumors also have it that our own Rabbit Kaka Sungura has also done another colabo with Roberto of Amarula fame and is set to be released soon.

At Chuo Records; home of nearly 80% of the hiphop artists in Kenya from Vioxii, Konkodi,Mc, Mc Proto, Ram G and many more.

The record label being run by Samora Mwamba has always proved to be the home of classic hiphop hits in Kenya has yet given birth to another hit song done by Samora Gkv and Tanzania hiphop star Azma Mponda.

The song which mainly talks about this year being a year of more and more hits from the duo, leaves you being attentive from the start is very simple and catchy. It will take a lot of creativity and lyricall prowess for someone to write and hit the booth with a song better than this.
WATCH>>>>> Huu Mwaka-Gkv Kenya featuring Azma Mponda
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