Kisumu Artists; Disability Is Not Inability

For quite some time now there has been this belief that those who are disabled are always useless and can do nothing to benefit the society. It is for this matter that a group of six artists; female singers and rappers decided to team up and come up with a killer tune “KILA MTU AKO JUU KIVYAKE.” Computers and Printers (320 xx 100) The artists who include Shamir, Keevan, Gabiro, Raquel, Nahna and MC Elem are all award winning artists who saw it wise to do something that would encourage the disabled and the neglected members of the society by educating, informing and entertaining them through this song which basically states that if you are disabled in one way then for sure you are abled in another way. It is clearly heard from the lyrics that all of us are equal and the same being that we are all created in the image and likeness of God. They do not only talk about disability but also address tribalism and unity among citizens and all leaders across the country as clearly heard from Gabiro’s lyrics,”…WA kikuyu WA kale na WA Jake…Sisi sote tuko sawa pamoja sisi tushikane...”
Scenes from the video have been shot in a neutral location to also signify the unity and fairness that should be portrayed across the country. Believing that a picture is worth more than a thousand words I would recommend you to kindly watch the video below.
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