Kisumu Are You Ready For Them?

The debate right now is who the king of the Kenya Hip Hop scene with diss tracks is dropping from every corner with   every one trying to secure his position in the industry. We first had Khaligraph releasing a bomb “King Khali” and then the others followed with each rapper doing what he can do best in his capacity but to leave that for another day is that in Kisumu things have been the opposite with this specific artist trying to battle it out with his own fate. They say we can never choose our fate but for Willy and Sonata they are ready to prove this saying wrong by making sure they get to their desired destination by all means possible.

Having been raised by a step mum in the presence of his mum whom he only saw in a span of one year of knowing her before she went to be with the Most High the following year; Willy was raised up in Kabati Estate in Naivasha where he did his lower primary education in the year 2004 a time when he lost his mother.
Having missed parental love and care from the mother he met Sonata who also had the same story as his they decided to do work together to make sure their dreams come true. 

I met them not less than a month ago in one of the most rising studios in Kisumu I thought I should let the street know that their will come a time when the world will have to allow each and every one of us to take the path they wish; forget all these abnormality of  fate will decide because it is over rated now. 

Being able to get to the studio and do a song already makes you a king to your fans and that is why I crown these two my kings after listening to some of their songs like Zena, Hiyo Love and Nitarejea not forgetting Social Lifestyle.
You can get to interact with them on Facebook today at Sonata Lazizi

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