87-Year-Old Worn Out Granny Spend Months In Jail For ALLEGEDLY Stealing Two Plastic Chairs Worth Kes 700 ONLY (Photos)

At 87 one’s health is ‘delicate’ and prison cell can certainly be a stimulus to diseases associated to old age. Even so, the State isn’t shy of locking up ‘criminal’ grannies.
87-year-old Risper Ongwena has been the guest of the state for the last two months; that tells you she spent Christmas and New Year behind bars.
The granny who hails from Migori County became the enemy of the state after she was allegedly found in possession of two stolen plastic chairs.
Her daughter however says it was her grandson who stole the plastic chairs and left them behind her house. So when the police came knocking, guess who they had to arrest?
I was curious to find out how many millions the chairs cost; to my surprise they are not even worth the lunch our editor eats every single day.
A single Kenpoly plastic chair the granny is said to have stolen retails at Kes 350. Risper having ‘stolen’ two chairs that means she could only make Kes 700 bob. Not really, the plastic chairs she ‘stole’ weren’t new so probably they had depreciated and could be selling at a low figure, say 500 bob.
Credits: Citizen TV

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