Artists:Start collecting royalties from YouTube videos

AdRev finds videos containing unauthorized uses of content so that the rights holders can
monetize them. It instruct YouTube to place ads on these videos and send the revenue to the artist.

The money really adds up: They've monetized over 30 million videos to date,
and this year alone, they've paid out over $10 million to artists!
You receive royalty payments from the ad revenue and get access to a dashboard to track monthly earnings.  Advertisements will start displaying immediately on detected videos containing your music. More and more videos will be claimed as time goes by.

You make 80% of the ad revenue off of YouTube videos! Your official, authorized channels are unaffected, and you'll keep 100% of the revenue from those.

I know you are now wondering how you can register yourself into the system and start earning royalties for your songs. Click here to sign up for free.

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