Top Artist Accuse Trace Tv For Killing Young Talents

We all know how difficult it is to get our content played on the mainstream media or rather get recognized,this is exactly what is driving Xpat Mkwanja nuts after he got a mail that looked like a reply to a previous mail he sent to a leading worldwide television network.
Xpat Mkwanja could not hide his anger when he received the email. He took a screenshot of the mail and posted it on his social media calling on his fans to post and tweet using the hashtag #someonetellTraceTv.

For a long time very good videos with educative and entertaining content have been ignored by the radios and TVs with an excuse of the said having poor or average quality.

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 Before you get to post your comment on this article kindly watch the video below and give your verdict on why Trace TV should play #NyamaKwaNyama

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