Vera Sidika Unleashes Her Lesbian Side On A Female Stripper’s Buttocks (Video)

I thought straight ladies wouldn’t be hypnotized by booties of fellow ladies, not unless they have lesbian tendencies of course!
If you thought only thirsty male Team Mafisi members get a boner at the sight of yummy behinds, then you are totally wrong.
Vera Sidika also seems to be UTTELY impressed by quaking butt of female strippers. The socialite queen was spotted in a nightclub making it rain as a stripper shook her moneymaker vehemently.
A white stripper rocking a thong had bend over to expose hectares of her average bam bam to Vera Sidika who was pouring Benjamins on her ass.
And Vera loved every second of her moment with the white stripper, she smiled liked an ice-age Neanderthal as she splashed dollars on the stripper’s buttocks.
Watch the video below:

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