Who Owns The Crown Concert...(Photos)

The graduating Hip Hop class of 2016 was given a super-hype show
featuring Thousanium, Stomody, Parlvic, Elijahmoz, XRay, Breeder, TOTT, Shynobi, LEFT-ARM, LEXXUS, Scorpio, K.O.M.D, THTC, Ghipuka Familia, Jontez Jibu, Nicotea, Ben Mobbin, Kingsko and lot's of great artists.The guest artists for the event were  Zakaa, K-dub, Izzoh Thousanium, Washamba Wenza, Virusi Mbaya, Lavosti and Jah Pillar, Agano, Jefro..
On the decks was Deejay Kace.
The king was crowned and it was none other than the legendary Ojiji.

September Arrivals Ladies (336 x 280) 
  The event was a hype from the sound check, the MCs were all on point and also not forgetting the audience that filled the halls of Sarakasi Dome in Nairobi just to witness the king being crowned.

I need not say more but just to let my photos speak for themselves.

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