Chali Stinji Hit Maker To Do A Song With Luo King Of Swag; Atommy Sifa

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In 2016 everything is changing from artists to the genre of music and this is evident when the luo king of swag gets to do a song with Kenya's queen of  Genge rap.

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It is now confirmed the "Chali Stinji" hit maker is going to release a new song together with Atommy Sifa and other artists who include Robatoz The Badman,Babu Gee,Dogo Ateeh,Rhobi Crystal,Mc Oye,Queen Hecky,Lang Katalang. 
  Gimochiek is a slang in Luo Dialect that is about to blast the airwaves.I
ts under construction under the gifted hands of Producer Robatoz of Batoz Music 
and features a section of Nyanza Superstars as mentioned.the word Gimochiek means
 "Something ripe" 
and can be translated in many other ways tovsuit the listeners digest

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