Introducing Kenya's Lyrical Software

For years the musical scene and moreso the Hiphop field has neglected to hear from female emcees who at some are better off than some male rappers and thats why we have this one female rapper originally from Mombasa but moved for  greener pastures in the lakeside city of Kisumu.

In the just released jam Ujumbe Remix which she proves her lyrical prowess with that Luo flow it is extremely undeniable that she is a force to reckon with in this male dominated industry.

Back to the video, the first reaction is Wow! The quintet of Gabiro featuring  Pablo, Achicho, Louie & Needah have outdone themselves this time round with the song.

It is that jam that grips you from when you press that play button to its conclusion. What’s more? You will be tempted to replay it over and over. Sampling the Video on you tube, I was impressed on the ease with which the artists jelled.

I must say the ladies, and especially Achicho killed it with her hard hitting lyrics. This is the first time I have heard of the name Achicho and I will definitely be looking for more of her music. She reminded me of Missy Elliot-hugely talented but some styling on the dressing would do. Lyrically endowed and her confidence is what stars are made of.

Needah did not disappoint as always, but, ladies? Styling would suffice here. She kept it gangster-the lyrical genius would have shown some meat or wear something more sexy.

Pablo powerful lines were exemplary and it was a good idea that he was the first artists to give us UJUMBE. I have always enjoyed Gabiro style and this was more than I expected. He managed to showcase that he is a truly a versatile artist whose star can only rise.

Where do I start with Louie? He was all over the place and I didn’t know if he would drop any lines. I was impressed though by his ability to drop lines with much ease. 

Achicho has that demonic laugh that makes you think she is yet to spit more venom only to realize that she is doing a final touch of what she does best.
"Ma iluongo ni software" is her last rhyme in Ujumbe Remix and i guess my Luo brothers and sisters already know what that means.

Watch the lyrical software in the video below and give your thought in the comment section.

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