Is Gabiro Having A Bone To Chew With Chipukeezy And Butita..??

The much anticipated Mr & Miss Maseno beauty pageant finally went down successfully last Saturday at the campus' graduation square in Siriba with a very huge crowd waiting to see who walks away with the crown.

The guest artist Mejja did a rather average performance,not engaging the fans at all. He was being hyped by Churchill Live comedian; Chipukeezy who led the event all through successfully.

A few local artists were denied a chance to showcase their talents even after the event organisers had promised to give them the platform. Those who were allowed to grace the stage were Gabiro Mtu Necessary and Hezy Bizy.

It was evident from the look the look of things that the MCs; Chipukeezy and Butita were very arrogant to local artists,something that led to Gabiro firing shots at Chipukeezy.

Gabiro had a very energetic and engaging freestyle that saw him win hearts of many who were eagerly waiting to see the guest artist on stage. He however won more hearts when he was heard asking the crowd to allow him abuse the MC.

He went ahead to fire shots at Chipukeezy who at first thought it was a light joke until he heard the crowd back up Gabiro's harsh and abusive words. Butita gave up on the first lines from Gabiro making him step down the stage leaving his counterpart face the rage.

Our question still remains,"what led to Gabiro being so angry at the MCs?"
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