I Run The Road With The Demon In Me,Elvizech

Everyone has his/her side demon you wouldn't wanna see...I got mine and it has its ‪#‎BloodLust‬...Dancehall a me,A me Dancehall..‪#‎RUNROAD‬
Elvizech wrote this on his social media pages before he went ahead to release the two songs; Run Road and The Devil In Me.
It sounds crazy having such titles for a song but again if you get to listen to them you carried away with the tune until you forget about the crazy titles.
Kisumu city is on the verge of getting to the top each and everyday and with such kind of feel good music not even our brothers from Jamaica are going to find a gap to fix their dance music to our playlists because it is becoming tight over here.
 Why don't you go ahead and check my favorite tune of the two;Run Road

For the ladies who love that Wizkid lke voice here is a one for you
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