Kisumu President Pens Down A Lovely Letter To Her Mum On His 20th Birthday

Award winning and self proclaimed Kisumu President this morning took it to the internet to thank his family and friends and mostly his mother whom he described as God fearing and loving. According to the post it clear that Gabiro is still not going to talk about his father soon because he still does not find enough words to describe him, "My Dad Is My Super Power," said Gabiro.
Gabiro did not forget to say that he is among those people who have a few friends in this world and that has brought me to this quote that my father always told me 'More Friends More Trouble'
 This lad is turning 20 today but his ability still surpasses his age by far. Team Mafisi also got a paragraph from this letter telling them to keep off because already there is a first lady to be announced soon by the President himself.
Read the letter below:-
Today my lovely mother gave birth to me! She always tells me that she wants me to have everything in plenty let's say education,faith in Jesus Christ,Love to my neighbors as i love myself. I come from a blessed family and so yes,she also wants me to have money in plenty but under one condition, which is to share all i have with the ones who don't have it. I would have liked to talk about my father also but that would be for another day because the things this man has done to me and my life are unexplained. My dad is my super power!
I am happy i am growing old everyday and it is by God's grace that i am who i am.
Thanks to all my friends though few but it is for the better. You have always stood with me in good and bad times. To those who don't believe in my ability i will tell you not to worry because you will soon get to believe and not forgetting those who want to be like me but they can't because they are not me,please be you and life will be very sweet.
To my second family; my fans i love you all for the support you always give me and as always good things are in store for you soon. You always keep me going and every time i wake up in the morning i pray to God to make all of us bigger.
To those asking for the ‪#‎KisumuFirstLady‬ i will soon announce it to you who she is.
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