Music: Oluwatobbyloba – Woni Wonpe (Prod. Sense Beatz)

"WONI WONPE" is a kind of song that expresses so many feelings with different interpretation depending on what is on the listeners mind as at that time he or she is feeling the jam of life! but still on the same matter. Singer TobbyLoba talks to us about his new song and this is what he had to say.

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People don't know the reason why you put in strong effort and focus on that very special thing that is making you smile and happy but one way or the other, as a wicked world, the haters keep cooking different story, side talk, gossip, many many things about your successful life which God has already signed enemies; #woniwonpe
True to his words they can never stop any! Instead, let them keep talking and hating #woniwonpe while you are progressing
 Download the song below and enjoy as you hare widely.
Download Here

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