Dear Kenyan Ladies,Twerking Is Not Fashionable.

I will be biased to say this video is not going to be in my playlist because it is a must have tune for every dance-hall lover out there.

The instrumentals got me dancing on my way to work and it makes me want to have a one on one interview with the audio producer so that he could at least tell me the secret to his magic.

The video has been filmed in a club set up with a few outdoor scenes that add flavor to the party mood. I am going down low!!

I would have given it a 9/10 but until that day i see our beautiful Kenyan women given respectful roles rather than them twerking and wobbling  in music videos i will give it a 7/10 rating and ladies please stop it because it is not fashionable.

Who said dance hall is not in Kenya? Who said we must have big bumps and Vera Sidika type of chics to make our videos a hit? I love the song more than i love the video but still the same i will still support good music.

Audio produced by Bermuda Records and video directed by Bullet/ Stunner Pictures. Watch the video below and share with us your thought on this  in the comments box below, enjoy.

Download Here

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