Here Is How To Win Five Thousand Kenya Shillings In Seconds Taking Selfies

Internet challenges are always a win. Anytime,every time... Mostly it all starts as a joke ; a simple crazy idea thrown around to a bunch of crazy heads and next thing you know,it's going viral and burning up the entire Internet.
The sweetness of such challenges,mostly,is when some cash has been tied to the winner of the competition. And in this case,thank God,there's cash.

Well,you must have seen the newest,craziest Facebook craze in town - guys taking wild selfies of themselves with their mouths open wide.
 The trend,which was started late last evening,has started to quickly catch fire with people rushing to post /upload selfies of themselves with their mouths ridiculously open wide.

"It's actually a push for something big we are calling Shout Out Loud... A new powerful thing that will be launched on August 13th,2016...that is,next weekend... So,by people having their mouths wide open,it signifies someone who is shouting. And that's why we've called it the Shout Out Loud Challenge.... Just take your smartphone,flip to the front camera,pretend you're shouting and then take the selfie. It's easy,the owner of the selfie with the MOST LIKES gets a cool Ksh. 5000 cash! Just like that! "
There,you've heard it.
To win yourself a cool Ksh. 5,000 cash daily,you don't have to do much.
Just take your phone,shout at the camera (or pretend to be shouting) and then press click.
Boom! You have your selfie!
Now,post it and ask all your friends to LIKE LIKE LIKE!!
Challenge runs for just 24 Hours. And will be riding for the next one week,till August 13th.
So that means that,everyday,there's a new winner of Ksh. 5,000 Bob!!!
Well well well... There's nothing that people won't do for money. And this,clearly,is very much one of them.
Here are a couple of the craziest ones

Gotta take a selfie too...Haha


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