Video Review | Rasukha Murwe - The Creative Band Kenya

I love the vocals and yes i love the skinny guy with a blue car. The fashion and direction is on point though at some point the guy in locks seems to be loosing it or maybe because he is not a good actor.

I love Africa and Kenya as a whole and this video just brings out the true colors of the present Kenyan man,who will always fake it when it comes to love and it may be one of the reasons most Kenyan ladies are single at 25 years of age.

It is an understatement saying that i am Creative Band Kenya fan because i have never heard about them before until today when i got the link to their video that i have played more than four times in a row. I have gone crazy.

Kisumu is amazing with new talents coming up every day. I would give you a guys 10/10 for this but i am giving you a benefit of doubt at 7/10 so keep turning on my notifications with new music videos and i wish you all the best.

Humor is incorporated in the stunning video as the trio play the major roles all through, the fashion sense in the video too is on point and some well choreographed dance moves makes it even more fun to watch.

Written by Kedogo Godfrey and directed by the award winning director, Enos Olik, watch the video below and share with us your thought on this on in the comments box below, enjoy.

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