Who Is Fooling Who? Kisumu Artists Unhappy With Award Hosts

It is that season when you will always get hit by messages of "Vote For Me As..." on your phone and Facebook timeline from artists and public personalities.
In Kisumu, it is the opposite as the only message making rounds is how award hosts and CEOs are fighting for power and strength.

Kisumu Teeniez Choice Awards famously known as KTCA is now the talk of Kisumu town after a message from Kisumu based rapper; June Rapsha made rounds on social media of how Henrick, CEO KTCA scammed investors and event sponsors in Kisumu and this comes after the said act already launched a new award "Lakeside Teeniez Choice Awards" that is set to take place in September with nominations going on already at Kisumu Boy's High School.

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[03/08 20:40] June Rapsha: wase niaje i need rapdamu namba [03/08 20:54] June Rapsha: dear pals kindly tell henrik ktca he myt have stolen ktca certificate but kondele transporters are preying for his blood after kuwa con 16k kay b of gasu awards paid him full amount n henrik has not paid the truck that transported stage in nrbii.advice him to clear the transporters balance he blocked there numbers he lied to em abt kisumu library being his office.he has blocked house of funk crews on fb who are trying to reach him.he has till monday thats alllllllll.. lastly investors be careful on what u sponsor or mtakuja lia pesa zenu.stay blessed message passed

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Artists are now in a dilemma on where to submit their works for nomination after two similar email addresses from the two teams requesting artists to send in their profile and songs were brought out earlier. The question here remains that who is genuine?
What is the ideological purpose for musical awards?

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