Here Is Evidence Singer Avril and footballer Dennis Oliech have been and are still sleeping together.

There has been rumors that singer Avril and Footballer Dennis Oliech are having an affair for a while,its now unveiling that the two have something in common.

Avril and Oliech were spotted in a club having fun as they hang together but she refused claims that they are dating one another.Something every celebrity say when he or she is caught.

Earlier this year,Avril dumped his south African Boyfriend as she claimed he was cheating on her with other women and he had conned her.

Their relationship had gone to another level as his south african Boyfriend had already put aring on her and they were planning to get married.

As our sniffers went round they came across photos of Avril and Oliech on a building that looks like an apartment or rather still, a hotel.

Though the photos are not taken at the same time, it is with no doubt that the place is the same.

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