Nyota Ndogo Rejects A 16 Million Shilling Gift From Husband (PHOTOS)

Some people called her all sorts of names when she got married to her Danish lover. But for singer Nyota Ndogo, all that matters is love. She was also mercilessly trolled by Kenyans On Twitter  on her wedding day for her make-up mishap.
However, the Mombasa-based songbird disregarded all that and chose to say that she was more focused on her marriage and family than anything else.
For over one month now, the Watu Na Viatu hit star has been in Denmark, where she has been part of a number of artistes lined up to perform at different circuits of international music festivals. While there – her husband’s birthplace – she hasn’t failed in updating her fans about every step of the way and expressing her love for them.
However, the most interesting part of her stay in the European nation is yet to be heard until now!!
In our curiosity to know how she’s been faring in Copenhagen, we reached out to her via email and she shared many interesting things about her stay in Denmark.
From how she has enjoyed interacting with many artistes from different parts of the world to how much she misses Kenyan delicacies, music lessons she will import into Kenya upon her return and her opinion on adding another child to her brood, she had alot to share.

The most interesting part however, was when she told us that she rejected a gift offered by her husband. And it wasn’t just any other gift but an expensive one!!
Nyota told us that the gift was a sports car worth 16 million shillings!!!! It was meant to be her special gift from hubby, Henning Nielsen.

“For a few days now, my husband has been so persistent that he wants to buy a car for me. He’s been insisting that I must have my own car while in Denmark. So, we went to an auto bazaar and he liked a specific model that fetches at 16 million shillings. I refused the offer because we had agreed that after 10 years, he would relocate permanently to Kenya. So, I told him instead of buying another car we’d rather put up some rental houses in Mombasa for I already have another car in Kenya that fits all of us well. I also told him that we can buy another house in Nyali. I love my husband and I would never like him to come to Kenya to live in poverty.” -Nyota Ndogo.
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