Team Mafisi! Here’s The App That You Can Use To Chat The Sexiest Kenyan Celebs!

It’s not bad kula kwa macho but you need to take the game a notch higher. I’m not saying this because I get to chat all the hottest female celebrities, socialites and fashionistas (most of them are my friends) but rather because of the fun that can come out of it!
It’s the most exciting thing ever. Ever imagined chatting with the yummy Cuppie Ayokya? Worry no more. The new Live Baze app is the answer. It will do all the magic.
Cuppie is one of the most fashionable Kenyan public figures. Her loyal following is as a result of her eclectic sense of style. She keeps it sexy and classy and throws in a few surprises. What’s more exciting about the app is that you get to know what the celebrities are up to live. You can tell when they are online (there’s an indicator) so you don’t have to wait for your messages to be replied for ages.
Who knows? You might just win a date just like that. Don’t take chances. Head straight to Playstore, download the app and have fun!

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