Huku Kisumu Tuko Zetu Wako Zao | Fido The Rapper Warns Of Conforming To The System And Being Real To Self In New Song (Details)

It is one of those songs that has a lot of potential since it seeks to tell everyone to be himself and not to conform to the system, says Steven Storm
Fido Ni Rapper started doing music as early as 2003 and was founding member of a rap group. He took a long break from hip-hop while focusing on personal growth. He is back on the music scene and ‘Tuko Zetu Wako Zao’ is definitely a game changer and a statement of intent in Kisumu hip-hop and Kenyan Hip-hop as a whole
Kisumu based Hip-Hop artiste Fido Ni Rapper released his second single titled “Tuko Zetu Wako Zao” on 30th September 2016. The song produced by Eclipse Records was released online on major social media platforms through the artiste’s official accounts. Since its release the song has garnered over 4700 views on Facebook alone.
The artist and the record label are still in the process of promoting the single and they would really appreciate any effort towards the song by you just watching it below and sharing this post with your connects.

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