Rebel ODM parliamentarian, Ababu Namwamba, is expecting double blessings as his beautiful wife is pregnant with twins. But major challenge lies ahead.
Budalang’I MP, Ababu Namwamba who was elected on an ODM tickets caused storm when he defected to join Julia Ojiambo’s Labour Party of Kenya.
ODM followers have been castigating the legislator following his defection; a hostile crowd that had gathered outside Glory Worship Centre in Bangladesh in Mombasa, recently confronted Ababu demanding that he declares his political affiliation.
Ababu’s 2017 re-election will be an acid test for him since the region overwhelmingly voted for Raila Odinga in 2013 general election.
While the stress of being re-elected is eating him up, good news for the legislator came from his wife who announced she was pregnant with twins.
Without knowing it could happen, and taking me by surprise, these two have been here a couple of months now. Without realizing, I've cried, screamed, laughed, and asked why? But, I've dried the tears and stopped crying, because despite how I feel, a baby is a great blessing, and even more, now that there are two of them! I still don't know if they will be boys or girls, but already know I love them. I'm looking forward to it already, can't wait to have them in my arms, take care of them and love them. Your daddy & mommy are looking forward to meeting you. ....Ata Mimi sijui mommy n daddy ni nani nime copy paste tu vile nmeona wengine waki copy paste!” 

Ababu’s wife, Priscah Ababu, broke the good news.
 The good news also means double stress for Budalang’I MP; Ababu is already a father of two and two more are on the way coming. If he loses 2017 election then he becomes jobless. Remember what happened to Former Garsen MP, Danson Mungatana, when he lost his seat in 2013 election?

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