Chunga Ulimi Yako! This Is The Man Who Has Been Arrested For Using Abusive Words Against Diamond Platnumz On Instagram

A young man popularly known as Shilole_Kiuno Official on Instagram has apparently been arrested for insulting Diamond Platnumz and his family on social media.
According to Diamond Platnumz manager, this young man was arrested by the Tanzanian police from Oyster Bay and is currently behind bars as he waits for his case to be heard.
For all those who have been abused by @@shilolekiuno_official I am happy to announce that he has been arrested and is currently being held at the Oyster Bay police station. He wrote to say on his Instagram page.
Diamond Platnumz manager goes further to reveal that the boy receives money from various celebrities who pay him to troll popular people on social media.
The young man has revealed some of the celebrities who pay him to troll people on social media. Your days are numbers and the long arm of the government will get you. He added
Apparently the guy has been using the Shilole_kiuno Official handle to abuse Diamond, Wema Sepetu and other big celebrities from Tanzania as reported by Bongo 5.
However, according to the OCPD of Kinondoni, Suzan Kaganda, she says that they have not arrested any young man accused of bullying celebrities while speaking on Planet Bongo, EA Radio.
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