Hii Ngoma Imejaa Uwana! Willy Pozze Features Size 8 In Yet Another Fake Song - Tiga Wana(Video)

Willy Paul has finally released his anticipated song featuring the one and only Size 8 a few days after celebrating her daughters 1 birthday.

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The song ‘Tiga Wana’ was released 0n 21 November has been received with mixed reactions from fans who were having sleepless nights waiting for it.
The song directed by Trued Pictures is apparently a huge fail for Willy Paul who has been releasing good music in the past. Most people say that the song feels a bit too forced and out of context when it comes to the lyrics.

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Not quite sure what Willy Paul and Size 8 were trying to put across but Tiga Wana is definitely fit for a club banger or something of the sort.
In terms of video quality, the duo got it right since it is pleasing to the eye especially with the young dancers doing their thing.
However, the message and is a bit vague for those who prefer gospel songs that speak straight into their hearts.
Anyway checkout the video below:

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