Kuna Nini! Zari Hassan hypes ex-husband’s event and ignores Diamond Platnumz beach party

Word on the streets is that Zari Hassan is now scared of losing her current relationship and could now be crawling back to her ex husband Ivan Don, who is a Ugandan millionaire.
Well, the rumor was confirmed after the lady posted a photo to support her ex husbands event that will be going down in Uganda today. This was the first time the lady publicly showed her support for support her estranged husband who has been supporting their three boys for year now.
Most people are assuming that Zari has panicked and might be weighing her options on where she will go if Diamond Platnumz was to leave her. Others however think that she is just being a good mum to her boys by showing her support for their dad.
However, Zari has not yet posted any poster to support Diamond’s beach party that is currently the talk of town. So could this be a way to show her revenge after her recent baby daddy paraded Huddah’s poster on his official page?
Not quite sure what is going on between Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz but truth be told their is too much tension that is now catching the public eye.
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