Naivasha Tragedy | 40 Dead As Ugandan Tanker Carrying Inflammable Liquid Rollls Over Burning Over 13 Vehicles

Kenyans woke up today to devastating news after 40 people were killed in a horrific tanker accident at Kinungi, Naivasha.
40 people are believed to have died in a horrific accident after a tanker carrying highly flammable chemical lost control and rammed into a number of cars among them a psv matatu carrying passengers. The tanker is said to have exploded on impact, causing a fireball that engulfed nearby cars.
The accident comes at a time when the doctors and nurses are on strike. Many have also questioned the presence of a tanker on the road at night contrary to regulations. Others asked why the tanker was using the route instead of the prescribed Mai-Mahiu road which is largely reserved for trailers.
Here are some of the reactions:
 Very sad to learn about tragic accident in Naivasha last night. Our sympathies to affected families and friends. Poleni sana ???? — Jane Jeptoo (@Jeptoo_Jane) December 11, 2016
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