Nigeria Star Wizkid Wanted By Inter Pol Police For Scamming Face TV A Total Of $68,000

Nigerian singing sensation Wizkid is currently playing hide and seek with Ugandan authority after an arrest warrant was issued against him. The singer was charged with acquiring money by false pretense, cheating and conspiracy to defraud. This is after he bailed out with full payments for a concert he never graced. Left with no alternative, organizers of the concert he was supposed to headline in Uganda moved to court to sue his drawers off for breach of contract.
Wizkid was set to perform at the Lugogo Cricket Oval in Kampala ,Uganda on December 3rd 2016 but  went underwater despite having received payment from the organizers, Face TV. According to Face TV,a total of $68,000 was handed to Wizkid’s manager Sunday Are ,well in advance only for Wizkid to act truant on the concert. Wizkid, then took to twitter to apologize to Ugandan fans for missing out on his own show, claiming he was ‘sick’ and acting on his doctor’s instructions.
This did not settle down well with the event’s organizers, Face TV who moved to court to seek justice. The Gods smiled on them as a Kampala court issued a warrant of arrest against Wizkid and his manager ,Sunday. Legal team representing Face TV asked the court to sanction Interpol Director in Uganda in order to have the Nigerian singer and his manager brought to Uganda to face criminal charges. Wizkid is now a wanted man with a Kampala court ordering police to produce him and his manager before January,16th 2017.
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