Rags To Riches! If King Kaka's Story Can't Touch You Then You Should Be Staying In The State House

Kaka Empire CEO ,Kennedy Ombima alias King Kaka is currently one of the most paid musicians in Kenya. However, the journey to his position has not been a walk in the park.
The father of two began his journey in showbiz as a graphic designer who would deliver business cards and T-shirts to the furthest parts of the city including Ngong and Rongai, has managed to cut a niche for himself, commanding massive respect from all quotas. His early years were not easy either; raised by a single mother whose only hustle was selling fruits in Industrial Area, the rapper refused to be chained to poverty by horning his rapping skills which finally paid up as he landed his first gig, earning a meager Ksh 5000.
Today, King Kaka owns a record label, Kaka Empire which is home to Avril, Timmy Tdat, Owago Nyiro and the likes, a clothing line, he is a professor at Zetech University and a huge local act who is inching closer to the international arena. All this translates to a fat bank account. The rapper yesterday took to social media to encourage everyone and inspire the youth with his heart-wrenching testimony. Kaka revealed how he landed his first show and the journey to his success, without leaving out details such as the people who helped him throughout.
This is what he posted;
”I might be one of the most paid artistes in East Africa right now. But A few years back it was all a dream, all I wanted was to get my family and family name out of poverty, and I tell people King Kaka is not by Luck, I worked hard usiku na mchana just to get the brand out there. I was so lucky to be Mentored by Chiwawa (my best rapper since high school) and by God’s grace I became his hype man. Then God started opening doors, one day I walked home and told my mother ‘I want you to quit your job’ (she raised us by selling fruits in Industrial area) , so the other day I met one of the guys who believed in me, in 2011 he gave me a gig and paid me Kshs 5000 (That’s the contract below), juzi we met at some high end meeting, I was in my usual suits and I had just packed my vehicle (notice nimesema ‘my vehicle’ ‘suits’ ‘high end meeting’) and we laughed, he is now one of the biggest CEOs in Kenya and I am King Kaka. Impossible Is Nothing.
Rule number 2, NEVER STOP, rule Number 1. GOD.”
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