Ali Kiba’s Hang-Out With Diamond Platnumz’s Sister-In-Law Triggers Mixed Reactions On Social Media

Tanzanian crooners Ali Kiba and Diamond Platnumz have always had run-ins with each other as they compete for supremacy in the much competitive Bongo Flava. 

The two have caused a huge rift between their respective fans, something that has drawn a big line between the two competing teams. For that reason, most fans have found themselves stuck in limbo, not knowing where to lie. Any association between two or more members from both teams is translated as a taboo.

Well, a member from Diamond Platnumz’s team recently instigated havoc on social media after crossing over to the other side and ‘slept’ with the enemy(Ali Kiba).

Zukeha Hassan who is closely related to Diamond Platnumz through her sister Zari Hassan, took a harmless photo with the star’s nemesis Ali Kiba and posted it on social media. While it seemed like a random meeting, fans from Diamond Platnumz’s side could not stomach it as they took to social media to put Zuleha in her right place.
The ‘weird’ moment brought about a huge tussle on the interwebs as the two rivaling team tore each other with razor-sharp insults. Some even went ahead to insinuate that it is only a matter of time before Zari Hassan jumps ship to team Kiba’s camp.
Check out the photo that has re-ignited Ali Kiba and Diamond Platnumz’s beef on social media;
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