Here Is The Candid Revelation Made By Radio Queen Adelle Onyango After Being Named Among 100 Most Influential Personalities In Kenya

One of Kenya's top media personalities Adelle Onyango is among the 100 most influential young people in Kenya.

Adelle is know for her various uplifting, inspirational and mentorship campaigns like Sisterhood.

"It's an honor because some of the other nominees amaze me with their level of self awareness, not influence, like Lupita! But...argh ... why is it always so deep with me?" Adele quipped.

"I don't know who I influence because I'm just on this wild journey of self actualization that I just happen to share - If it happens to influence you - I hope it influences you to want to start and stay true to YOUR journey. You dig? But that's not the reason I am me."

Adelle opened up about how importance of being self aware.

"I've had a couple people in my life try and OWN my life and lease it out to me every so often - I hated that. It broke me," Adele revealed.

"But I built myself right back up and I fuckin love me! Do you know how POWERFUL that is for me! That's why I SHARE! It's a celebration, what's mine, is mine again."

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