BEEF! Chris Brown and Soulja Boy Engage in a Fierce Fight Over Karrueche

The internet has been lit right from the minute rapper Soulja Boy decide to comment on one of Karrueches pictures on Instagram. Now for those not familiar who Karrueche is, she is Chris Browns ex who dumped him after she found out he was having an affair with one of her friends.

Soulja Boy made a comment on one of her pictures which clearly pissed off Chris. Now The two artists have been on a roll on Instagram calling each other all sorts of names and threatening each other. Chris Brown even challenged Soulja to a fight and all proceeds from it would be donated to charity.  Karrueche got pissed at their behavior at one point and asked them to stop acting so immature which pissed Chris off even more. The singer turned to his ex and started calling her names and claiming that she is fame just cos she dated him.

The two obviously have some growing up to do is at all a simple comment can ignite such hate.

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