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Love is a tricky thing and it doesn’t always take age into consideration. It’s not unheard of people dating a bit under or above their age, a 4-6 year difference is pretty standard these days, you won’t surprise anyone with that. However once that age gap goes over a decade it can raise some eyebrows. Then again, it all depends on the people who are in that relationship. In some cases it’s very obvious that they’re in it for the money, in others it’s also quite clear that they’re clearly in love age gap or not. We’ve compiled a list of 10 celeb couples with a surprisingly huge age gap, but you can be the judge whether it’s love or something else entirely.

1. Doug Hutchison (55) and Courtney Stodden (21). Age gap – 34 Years
We all thought this was ridiculous when it started. Courtney was just 16, and dubbed the teen bride, when she and Doug got married. It’s been 5 years since and what do you know, they’re still married, Courtney is pregnant and they even renewed their vows for their 5th anniversary. It would be sweet if it wasn’t so creepy.
2. Holland Taylor (73) and Sarah Paulson (41). Age gap – 32 Years
Most people picture two young girls when they hear the word “lesbians”. It’s both unusual and refreshing to hear about lesbian relationships in Hollywood. There’s definitely not enough representation, especially when it comes to older women. But Holland Taylor and Sarah Paulson sure seem to be working on that. Plus, don’t you think they look good together?
3. Jason Statham(49) and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (29). Age gap – 20 Years
Gorgeous model and a British actor who’s 20 years her senior – might sound strange, but we think it works. They genuinely seem happy together but who knows, who knows. They’ve been married for 6 years now, so more power to them. But also, who knew Jason was so close to 50? Time really does fly.
4. Beyonce (35) and Jay Z (46). Age gap – 11 Years
There’s been a lot of speculation in the media regarding Beyonce and Jay Z’s marriage, with a lot of reports about them being on the edge of divorce, but we don’t want to believe that. They’re a golden couple and their age gap isn’t something that would get in the way.
5. Hugh Jackman (48) + Deborra-Lee Furness (60). Age gap – 12 Years
Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness are an amazing couple. It’s rare to see couples where the man is much younger than the woman, yet here they are with 20 years of marriage behind their backs and 2 children. Still together and as in love as they were when they first met.
6. Jennifer Lawrence (26) and Darren Aronofsky (47). Age gap – 21 Years
Both Jennifer and Darren haven’t said anything to confirm their relationship, but as you probably know, rumors spread quickly. They’ve been seen holding hands, kissing, sharing a lollipop and generally spending a lot of time together. The 21 year age difference seems to be a bit much though, considering that Jennifer is only 26, this makes Darren almost twice her age.

 7. Michael Douglas (71) and Catherine Zeta-Jones (46). Age gap – 25 Years
They might be a quarter of a century between them but they do seem to be genuinely in love. Michael and Catherine have 2 children and have been married since 2000. Sure, they had their lows and lived apart for a while back in 2013, but they never filed for divorce. Instead they took their time to work it out and by 2014 they were back together and stronger than ever.
 8. Aaron Johnson (26) and Sam Taylor-Wood (49). Age gap – 23 Years

Another example of a couple where the lady is older than the gentleman. Seems a bit weird, but it works. Aaron seems to be very mature for his years and admits that Sam is a good influence on him. He says he doesn’t even notice the age gap. Well, good for them. The couple also has 2 children together.
9. Woody Allen (80) and Soon-Yi Previn (45). Age gap – 35 Years
What can we say, it’s creepy. Not only because their age gap is 35 years making Woody old enough to be her father, but also because he actually was still in a relationship with her mother, Mia Farrow when this whole thing started. It’s very messed up, but hey, they’ve been married since 1997 and have 2 adopted kids.
10. Olivier Sarkozy(47) and Mary-Kate Olsen (30). Age gap 17 years
Will we ever get used to this? Probably not. Olivier Sarkozy and Mary Kate Olsen have been in a relationship for a long time and got married in 2015, but it still just looks wrong, doesn’t it? Maybe it’s because she’s so short and tiny and he looks like a giant next to her. Or perhaps it’s the fact there’s 17 years between them and they do look more like a father and daughter than a couple.

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