Jaro Soja invites President Uhuru Kenyatta for house warming party at his Odendo home

Jaro Soja is a dedicated fan of KPL’s Gor Mahia. His devotion to the team has earned him several rewards including a car which was handed to him by a rich Kenyan business man in the U.S who is also a huge fan of the team. Jaro Soja’s commitment to Gor Mahia is admirable. His dress code is always green, a color that represents the team. His wife, Emmer Owago is also a strong supporter of the team and she always supports her husband’s loyalty towards the team.Back in November 2014, Jaro Soja was privileged to meet with President Uhuru Kenyatta at the State house after Gor Mahia was named Kenya Premier League Champions. edaily news reports that the he has revealed that his life has never been the same since then. “Since meeting President Uhuru Kenyattaat State House Nairobi in November 2014 – after Gor were crowned Kenya Premier League Champions –, good fortune has been my portion. He opened a myriad opportunities for me. I believe it is God who sent me to meet and interact with the Head of State. Seemingly, he is a symbol of good luck, especially to me. I now take the opportunity to invite him to my Gem home for house-warming, and I will cook him kuku ya kienyeji. I’ll appreciate if he takes notice of my request and give me a date,” Jaro Soja spoke exclusively to the site.
Well, Jaro owns a house in his Odendo Village home located in South Gem, Siaya County and he wants the president to attend his house warming party since he feels that the president is a symbol of good luck in his life. His invite to the President comes barely a week after Uhuru honored ailing Joe Kadenge’s request by visiting him at his home in South B. 
Check out images from Jaro Soja’s Home.

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