Kaka Empire To Set Up Their Own Studio

If there is any Kenyan artist who has been doing great for himself then it got to be Kaka Empire’s founder and CEO King Kaka. The rapper who is currently riding high with his latest release Senzenina featuring the Red Fourth Chorus has been making sustainable progress with time, achieving greater milestones as far as music and showbiz is concerned. For starters, King Kaka is the only Kenyan artist who has signed fellow musicians like Timmy Tdat, Femi One ,Owago Nyiro and Avril on his own record label ,Kaka Empire.

He is also the only Kenyan artist who happens to be a lecturer at a recognized university. This is after signing a deal with Zetech University in a program which saw him into lecture halls to assume the duties of a lecturer. The rapper and his label, Kaka Empire are currently working on a studio which is set to open soon.
With Kaka Empire studio, both musicians from the stable and others will get a lifetime opportunity to work with the best production team which is said to be working on shaping the entire music industry.
News about their huge project was made public by King Kaka himself through his social media pages.
”Kaka Empire Studios Coming Sooner Than We Thought. Ha ha Ha. This Is that Year.”  King Kaka wrote on Facebook.

Fellow Kaka Empire members have also been publicizing the news through their respective social media accounts.
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