Meet The Man Who Made Rabbit The King He Is Today

Having been in the industry for the longest time possible and he is one force to reckon with when it comes music as a business.

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He is the founder and CEO of Kaka Empire which is an entertainment company dealing with artist management and even lately he launched his own water company.
King Kaka, as known by his fans yesterday took it to Instagram to pour 'showers of blessings' to one Dj Loop who he said has played a major role in his life as a brand and as a person.
this guy in the photo,wachana na huyo hapo amevaa tie na anacheka,the one with The white Shirt played a major role in my life . He has been my brother and my mentor. I met him in 2006 and he believed in me in ways i didnt believe in myself. But kabla we met i was his fan Bigtime. One day i was broke i told him anisaidie na doh and this is what he did. Took me outside the building and told me 'all these people walking have money swali ni how do you convince them to give you their money' this guy taught me how to Hustle. Met with him today while i was shooting my new Show called 'King Stories' coming soon. He is Dj Loop ,he produced 3/4 of my 1st album in 2008, a Legendary Producer. Kwa wale wanamkumbuka. I always call him for advice. Thanks Bro.
He wrote.

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